Reap the bounty of the harvest! 


The warm growing season has fattened the pigs up.  They have feasted on everything from grasses, herbs, wild mushrooms, moss, tree bark, along with lots and lots of raw milk whey.  Fill your larder in preparation for the cold season with the highest quality, clean, regenerative pork.


Copia Pork

Mobile Pasture-Raised



Save the most by purchasing a Whole Hog.  A Half Hog is also very economical.\


Customize your order and choose from the following cuts:


Smoked Bacon / Fresh Belly

Smoked Hams / Fresh Hams

Sliced Hams

Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt)

Pork Chops - Boneless/Bone-In

Ground Pork

Salt, Pepper, Sage Sausage

Burger Patties



Offal (heart, kidney, liver)


Choose all of these cuts, or if there is something a cut that you don't want,

you can ground that cut into ground pork, sausage, burgers, or bratwursts.


How it works:

Make your $500 DEPOSIT online.

Pork will be available around 8/7.

We will reach out to let you know pickup date and remaining balance.

Pay balance and pick up at Copia Farm.


The final cost will be determined by the weight of the pig and the butchering costs.



Here's a detailed list of all the costs, not to be overwhelmed.  Just for folks who are interested in all of the back end costs.  We will let you know the remaining balance when the pork is processed.


$4.25/lb. hanging weight (weight of the pork after dressing)

Plus butchering costs

$20 - Slaughter

.70 per pound to process

.80/lb Ham 

.80/lb Fresh Sides

.80/lb Loins

.65/lb Patties

.85/lb Bratwursts

.10/lb Seasoning

Copia Half Hog - DEPOSIT