If round steaks are a "weekday steak," ribeye's are a "weekend steak."  They're more tender, more luxurious, great on a date-night at home.  Our favorite is ribeyes served with homegrown asparagus with a balsamic reduction sauce.  


It's classic, it's easy, and it's good.


SECRET TIP:  If you want to cook a steak that tastes insane and looks like it was done professionally, follow these tips:  Salt your a day before you want to cook it.  (Salt then store in a Tupperware container for no waste).  When you're ready to cook, get your cast iron skillet blazing hot.  If your stove doesn't get that hot, put the skillet in a hot oven to heat up.  Hot skillet = professional crust.  Pre-salting = flavor INSIDE of the meat, rather than just on top.  Cook according to how rare/done you like it.  REST the meat for 5-10 minutes.  Enjoy and welcome!

Grass Fed Ribeye Steak

  • Comes in .5-.6lb. packages of (raw, uncooked) 100% Grass fed Ribeye Steak