An innovative twist on the classic southern pecan pie. Made with organic maple syrup and Kentucky Bourbon, with a bottom layer of rich dark chocolate, loaded with pecans, in our flaky butter crust. 

10", serves 8–10.


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Pickup for both Turkey and Pies

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Tuesday, 11/23 3-8pm

Wednesday, 11/24 3-8pm

@Copia Farm


We will have lots of holiday fixings at the farm!  


Pies made by DOUGH MAMA- Classically trained, local French pastry chef, Perrie Wilkof.  Everything in each dish, pie, pastry, is entirely made from scratch using high quality ingredients with a focus on local sourcing.  We highlight as many local artisans, makers and growers as possible, and change our menu regularly to reflect the produce of the changing seasons. 

Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie - Dough Mama