We love our ground pork.  And we love our diversity when it comes to home cooking.  We cook almost all of our meals at home because going out to eat and grocery store food makes us sick!  So we're always looking for ways to mix it up and make meals special.  With ground pork, there are so many possibilities: For breakfast, there's a great standby we call Cowboy Skillet: simply combine cooked & seasoned ground pork, sliced bell peppers/corn/mushrooms, add a few Ezekial sprouted corn tortillas, and tons of cheese.  Let everything melt on the stove top.   For dinner, we like spicy meatballs.  Both Asian and Indian inspired. As well as:Greek Feta Burgers (without the pita). A lot of times we just do it simple.  I put various cuts of meat in the fridge to thaw (for quick cooking!).  Then we do something on the fly, usually involving homemade sauerkraut, LOL.  It's always dang good.

Pasture-Raised Salt, Pepper, Sage Sausage

  • Comes in .98-1lb. packages of (raw, uncooked) Ground Pork