Pasture-Raised Canadian Bacon

Pasture-Raised Canadian Bacon


Ohhhhh, these are so incredibly good. Dare we say, even better than regular bacon?! You'll have to try for yourself!

Made from the pork loin, the same cut as pork chops (a.k.a. the filet mignon of pork), this bacon is addictive. Made with our pasture/forest-raised Berkshire pork. Non-GMO, no nitrates, no MSG. Only the good stuff.


Perfect for eggs Benedict, egg muffins, and simply alongside a couple of poached eggs



    Comes in .98-1lb. packs of Canadian Bacon


    Canadian Bacon (Uncured & Smoked Pork Loin): Pasture-Raised, Non-GMO Pork, Water, Salt, <1% Brown Sugar, Cherry Powder, Flavor, Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar.  No Nitrate or Nitrites added except for those occurring in celery powder.


    Mobile Pasture-Raised, Local, Non-GMO

    No chemicals, No pesticides, No herbicides, No nitrates.


    Keeps you satiated for hours on end, High Quality Protein


    Copia meats are regenerative, eco-friendly, nutrient-dense, with full respect and love given to our animals.  Thank you for choosing real food for a better world!

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