Ok, chicken thighs need to get more credit and we are going to give it to them now:  Not only are chicken thighs an economical choice, they are a flavorful choice.  Meat that moves  (i.e., chicken legs move a lot, chicken breasts do not do much moving) is flavorful.  Flavor and dollars saved, these are both good.

Another awesome thing about chicken thighs is that you can cook them on your stove.  And you can use them in so many different dishes from around the world.


Using flavors and a wide variety of them - fresh herbs, different oils, different cuts of meat, it all keeps home cooking fun and inspired.

Here's a great article about making excellent crispy thighs (without flour) on the stove.

Pasture-Raised Chicken Thighs

  • Comes in 1.4-1.7lb. packages of (raw, uncooked) Chicken Thighs