Garlic flavored brats - these are our favorite.  It's not overwhelmengly garlicky, just a very nice additional, savory flavor.


Cook on the stovetop or BBQ, it's all good.


Serve like a hotdog, or add to other fixings - rice, salad, cut up or whole, noodles, mashed potatoes, lettuce wraps, sauerkraut the sky's the limit!


Great for breakfast, dinner, parties because they're a meal in themselves and so easy to cook up in minutes!

Pasture-Raised, Local, Non-GMO
No chemicals or nitrates.

Keeps you satiated for hours on end, High Quality Protein


Copia meats are regenerative, eco-friendly, nutrient-dense, with full respect and love given to our animals.  Thank you for choosing real food.

Pasture-Raised Garlic Bratwursts


    We vote three times a day; we create tomorrow's food system and landscape with every bite we eat - Joel Salatin

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