Pasture-Raised Jowl Bacon

Pasture-Raised Jowl Bacon


Jowl bacon can be cooked and eaten just like regular smoked bacon.  It has a wonderful, satisfying flavor and softer texture. 


Serve alongside eggs and breakfast links for "the full breakfast", or cook, then cut into pieces for bacon bits on salads.  Absolutely tasty and special, and not widely available.


We like to mix it up - go through a pack of bacon over the course of a few days... then switch it up to jowl bacon, then Canadian, and back to regular bacon.  Keeps it interesting and you don't need to learn any new recipes or cooking skills!  


    Comes in .95-1lb. packages of (raw, uncooked) Pasture-Raised Pork Jowl Bacon



    Mobile Pasture-Raised, Local, Non-GMO

    No chemicals, No pesticides, No herbicides, No nitrates.

    Keeps you satiated for hours on end, High Quality Protein


    Copia meats are regenerative, eco-friendly, nutrient-dense, with full respect and love given to our animals.  Thank you for choosing real food for a better world!

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