Copia Farm stewing hen! Beautiful, golden fat, full of chlorophyll from the pasture. Rich, succulent flavor.


This is the easiest dinner ever!  Set 1 hen in the crock pot with 2 quarts of water.  I like to add herbs and lots of fresh ground pepper.  Cook on low for 8 hrs.  


When you return home from work, you're greeted with the most incredible chicken soup aroma that fills the house. 


Strip the meat from the bird.  Then pour the broth through a strainer into a fresh bowl.  You now have both broth and chicken for chicken soups, tacos, casseroles, and more!  It's a nice little cooking trick we discovered after cooking so many of these hens.  We love that there is both cooked meat and chicken stock ready for 1 meal or more!  Stock yield will be about 1.75 quarts.


Attention! These chickens are not your regular broiler/fryer and they need to be cooked slowly. We have found that 8hrs in a crock pot on low yields soft, unbelievably flavorful meat. 

Make bone broths full of healthful benefits
Great for easy meals with a crock pot

These chickens got to live long lives happily on pasture at Copia. As the chicken gets older, the meat becomes tougher, thus the 'slow and low' cooking requirement. With an older bird, again, the flavor is off-the-charts. We at Copia also feel that eating this chicken pays respect to the complete life cycle of our egg laying hens.

Pasture-Raised Stewing Hen

  • Comes in 1.8-2.3lb. (raw, uncooked) whole Pasture-Raised Stewing Hen