COVID-19 UPDATE 5/1/20: We will continue to be open daily, 9am-9pm, stocked with eggs and meats!  We sanitize multiple times daily.  Come out, get some fresh, country air, and stock-up on immune-boosting foods!  

Food is so important.  It provides us with the nutrition that builds our bodies, and it shapes the landscape that forms our earth.   


Years ago,  we started looking into how our food was produced, and what we found shocked us.  Almost all food produced is grown for productivity and profit, not for human or soil health.  In fact, if humans continue this current agricultural trend, the planet won't have any soil left!  


So,  for the next decade we studied every aspect of food, agriculture, and soil health we could. 


We learned that when you put animals back on the pasture and move them, you can heal the earth.


You can also produce nutrient dense food for humans, all while giving the animals the best lives possible.

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We vote three times a day; we create tomorrow's food system and landscape with every bite we eat - Joel Salatin