Looking for the best eggs?

You came to the right place. 

Visit the Copia Farm Store for the freshest eggs, direct from the farm. 

Find your nearest grocery location below:

Nutrient Dense

Mega Nutrients from Sunshine (Vitamin D)

Grasses & Forages (Vitamins A & E)

Vitamin K2 (Protective against Chronic Diseases


Earth Conscious

Clean water, air, and healthy soils are built from our mobile pasture & composting system.

Carbon is sequestered

Clean water

Compassion for animals

Copia chickens live amazing, rich lives bathing in the sunshine, eating fresh grasses and bugs, dust bathing, stretching out and playing every day!


Highest quality egg

Golden yolks, bouncy whites, clean flavor.         To get the best egg, the chickens need to live in a happy, calm,

and a clean, fresh environment.

That way only good things go into the egg and you can taste the purity!

We vote three times a day; we create tomorrow's food system and landscape with every bite we eat - Joel Salatin

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