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raw milk Herdshare

sign up for raw milk!

Thank you for your interest in being a champion for your family's health and caretaker of the earth. 

We're proud to announce our small,

raw milk dairy herd! 

How it Works:

The Herdshare is an easy way to access incredibly beneficial raw milk brimming with nutrients.  You simply pay a one-time buy-in of $100 to become part owner of one of our cows.  Each gallon of milk costs a $12 maintenance fee (price will be increasing to $15 soon...).  


 We are open 365 days a year, 9am-9pm (Spring/Summer) 9am-7pm (Fall/Winter).  There is no subscription obligation; you simply pick up milk when it is convenient for you.  If you are driving long-distance, let us know, so we are sure to have milk for you.  


Real Raw Milk production from such a small, artisanal herd is subject to a lot of fluctuations in milk production/availability due to lactation cycles, temperatures etc.  Sometimes milk is plentiful, sometimes it is less so; we use email to contact all of our herdshare members about when milk is out of stock.

Your First Milk Pickup:

To complete your herdshare signup, there is one simple form to sign.  That form is at the checkout counter in our store.  Please fill it out and slip it in the red box on the wall.  


As a bonus, during Spring-Summer-Fall, please sign up for a tour of our beautiful cows, pastures, and milking parlor.  You'll even get to see the girls getting milked!  Kids are welcome!  Tours will start back up again in fall.  Please let us know if you would like us to add you to our tour invitation list!

Your Raw Milk Cows:

Copia cows are heritage breeds with easy-to-digest (A2/A2) milk.  We graze them on grass every day of the year and give them a lot of love. 
They spend relaxing days outside or nestled up with soft straw when it's cold outside.  You will taste the amazing quality and sweetness of the milk with a fresh, clean taste. 
To give thanks, we give the girls a tiny amount of certified organic grain at milking time.  Their pastures have never been sprayed and are full of organic matter.  
When you meet them, you'll see the cows are sweet, beautiful gals that are a joy to be around!

This is Silver Belle:


To Sign up:
1. Follow the link to pay a one-time $100 to join.  
2. Sign a document stating you are part owner of our herd (in store).
3. Pick up milk at your convenience and enjoy increased health, wellbeing, and feeling great about knowing your milk comes from happy cows!