whole/half hogs

Mobile Pasture-Raised

Nose-to-tail sustainable food
Ethical, clean meat
small family farm


If you want to eat the cleanest, most humanely raised, delicious, real pork this is it!  Pigs enjoy their time totally out in the woods, under the sun, digging in the soil, eating grasses, herbs, and mushrooms, building soil, living in and creating a beautiful regenerative environment in our newly created 15-acre, majestic pig preserve.  Our animals are cared for and treated with the absolute highest amount of respect. 


 choose from these cuts:

When you buy a half hog, you are able to customize the cuts that you would like to receive back.


Smoked Bacon / Fresh Belly

Smoked Hams / Fresh Hams

Sliced Hams

Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt)

Pork Chops - Boneless/Bone-In

Ground Pork

Salt, Pepper, Sage Sausage

Burger Patties



Offal (heart, kidney, liver)



The final cost will be determined by the weight of the pig and the butchering costs.

Half Hog: $4.25/lb. hanging weight

Whole Hog: $3.95/lb. hanging weight

(Hanging weight is the pounds of pork after dressing)

Plus butchering costs

How it works:

1. Make your DEPOSIT online ($250 half hog /$500 whole hog)

2. Call the butcher on 9/26/22 (we will remind you)

3. Be ready to pick up pork from Copia Farm around 10/5/22


Thank you! Please reach out if you have any questions.