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whole/half hogs

Mobile Pasture-Raised

Nose-to-tail sustainable food
Ethical, clean meat
small family farm


If you want to eat the cleanest, most humanely raised, delicious, real pork this is it!  Pigs enjoy their time totally out in the woods, under the sun, digging in the soil, eating grasses, herbs, and mushrooms, building soil, living in and creating a beautiful regenerative environment in our newly created 15-acre, majestic pig preserve.  Our animals are cared for and treated with the absolute highest amount of respect. 


 choose from these cuts:

When you buy a half hog, you are able to customize the cuts that you would like to receive back.


Smoked Bacon* / Fresh Belly

Smoked Hams* / Fresh Hams

Sliced Hams*

Pork Shoulder (Boston Butt)

Pork Chops - Boneless/Bone-In

Ground Pork

Salt, Pepper, Sage Sausage

Burger Patties



Offal (heart, kidney, liver)



The final cost will be determined by the weight of the pig and the butchering costs.

Half Hog: $4.40/lb. hanging weight

Whole Hog: $3.99/lb. hanging weight

Plus butchering costs

*You have the option to pay an additional charge for sugar-free and nitrate-free  smoked bacon and hams 

as well as getting the fat made into lard

Dressed weights (aka., hanging weight) are usually around 190 lbs.  for a whole, 95 lbs. for a half.

How it works:

1. To reserve, place your DEPOSIT online ($300 half hog /$600 whole hog)

2.  We will email you close to the date to call the butcher.

4. Then, 3-4 weeks after that, your whole/half hog

will be ready to be picked up from Copia!

Upcoming 2024 Batch Dates:

July 10th

September 4th

December 4th

If you are seeing this outside of these time windows,

please email me --

I can create a custom bundle for you

with cuts of your choice


Thank you! Please reach out if you have any questions.

Further reading:

Why purchase a half or whole hog?

There is nothing quite like eating nose to tail.  It's a 360 win.  The customer gets a great deal on the prime cuts of pork, the farmer gets help with the cost of raising the animal, and everybody wins as we all opt out of the industrial food complex.  


Personally, I, Dan, love to raise pigs; they are my favorite farm animal.  Earthy, feisty, and full character.   Combine this with their natural environment, and you create some of the best pork on the planet.  It's all about the flavor and pasture raised pork brings it!


The model of production we use is from Joel Salatin's Polyface farm.  Pigs get moved through a diversity of landscapes such as forest, pasture, and silviculture, all on our farm.  They have a free choice of a high quality,certified, non-gmo feed.  Less than 1% of all pigs in the US are moved through the landscape.  


The experience of getting your whole or half hog is a culinary treasure trove.  Besides the benefits of getting bacon and pork chops for next to nothing, you get to capitalize on getting exactly what you want.  

what is the average weight?

Dressed weight or "hanging weight" are the pounds of pork after dressing.  

Hanging weights are usually around 190 lbs. for a whole, 95 lbs. for a half.

What is the butcher fee?

Butchers fees average about $150 for a whole hog, $80 for a half.  But it will depend on your instructions. Cut down on butcher costs with minimal butchering and multiple cuts per pack, rather than 1 cut per bag.

How much freezer space will I need?

7cubic feet for a whole hog   /  3.5cubic feet for a half hog

A cubic foot is the size of a milk crate

What is the price per pound?

The price per pound ends up to be about $8 per pound!  So not only are you saving on premium cuts but you're saving on everything including sausage!  

I've never done this before - What kind of cuts should I order?

Here is our insiders guide to ordering pork cuts!

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