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Thank you for your interest in working on our farm.  We are a pasture based, regenerative farm located in Johnstown, OH.. We have a raw milk dairy herd, forest raised hogs, and chickens..  We would encourage you to look at our website, FB page, and Instagram to familiarize yourself with our farm and brand. We manage roughly 40 acres of ground.  


Work on our farm is mostly outdoors for the operations team. There's a set routine of chores that are done every morning with movement & management of the animals in the middle part of the day.  We operate as a professional business and treat everyone on our team as a professional or aspiring farming professional.


Expectations and standards are high. We operate on the principles of Extreme Ownership and would encourage you to read that book if you haven't already. If you are looking for farm where you have an idyllic idea about farming, that is not here.  Individuals who are looking to get after it and be part of a team that gets real things done with a sense of pride & accomplishment are who we are looking for.  This is dirty, unglamorous, manual work that requires folks who are dependable to perform the jobs at an artisanal level every single day.


We would love to hear more about you and ask that you answer the questions below to be considered.


Please email us at with your resume after completing this form.


Thank you,

Caitlin & Dan

Employment Application - Copia Farm

  1. Email

  2. First & Last Name

  3. Phone Number

  4. Where do you live?

  5. Do you have a valid driver license?

  6. Do you have personal transportation?

  7. Where are you currently working and what is your job there?

  8. Tell us about any other jobs over the last 2 years.

  9. Can we contact them for reference? (Please provide contact info.)

  10. Have you read any non-fiction books in the past year or listened to educational/leadership podcasts?  If so, which ones and in just a couple sentences what did you like about them?

  11. What department of our farm are you interested in working in? Milking Cows & Chores  //  Collecting Eggs & Chores  //  Farm Manager  //  Farm Builder // Weekend Help - Milking, Collecting  //  Farm Store Sales Associate // Professional Sales - Assisting us to grow and fulfill online Sales

  12. What do you do for fun & self care while not at work?

  13. What is a strength that other people often say you possess?

  14. Have you worked on a farm and with equipment prior? Please list equipment you would consider yourself a competent operator of, and farm jobs you feel competent at. 

  15. What are the top 2 things that mean the most to you from people in leadership over you or from the owners of a company? 

Expresses a heartfelt thank you

Gives you you a cash bonus

Works alongside you to complete the task

One-on-one coaching or mentoring

Buys you a meaningful gift that you have been wanting

Recognition in front of your peers


16. What are things you expect from a good leader?

17. Would you consider yourself a detail or big picture person?

18. What are things that we can expect from you in the workplace?

19. Work on the farm is in every weather condition (hot, cold, raining, snow, etc) with 2-8 hour days.  Are you capable of working these long days in variable weather conditions?

20. Do you feel physically fit to work outside, carrying 50lbs often, and potentially walking 5+ miles over the course of a day? Please explain your answer.

21. Should this position be a good fit, how long do you see yourself working for us?

22. What do you find attractive about working at Copia Farm?

23. Do you consider yourself (or aspire to be) an agriculturalist? If not, please describe what your ideal job would be.

24. What do you plan to do with the experience of this job?

25. Can you come to the farm for a 3 day "try out"?  This would be for you to get a better understanding of what life would be like on the farm and for us to see if your personality is a good fit with our company. This would be by invitation after an in person interview.

26. When would be your ideal start date? 

27. Anything else we should know about you?

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