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Mobile Pasture-Raised

Nose-to-tail sustainable food
Ethical, clean meat
small family farm


Limited approximately 18lb. Holiday Turkeys!

Pasture-Raised, Free of GMOs, Hormone & Antibiotics

Cheers to a clean and nutritious, special meal.


  • Turkeys include giblets (heart, liver, and neck) all tucked inside the cavity.

  • Turkeys are raised on certified organic pasture.

  • Turkeys are harvested on-farm

  • They are processed in a certified organic, USDA-inspected processing plant.

  • No chemicals are used (like chlorine) in processing, so the taste is clean and true!

  • They will be thawed, not frozen


Check out our huge array of seasonal, holiday offerings in the Farm Store, including fresh organic cranberries, potatoes, squash, fresh sourdough breads, soups, ground turkey, sausage, cream, half and half, and more!


Reserve yours now

Balance will be due at pickup, depending on exact weight of bird @ $5.99/lb.


Pickup for both Turkey @Copia Farm

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