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Copia Raw Eggnog Recipe

I can't remember a lovelier year for appreciating the little things...

Excitement about upcoming holidays that are small and meaningful,

Cooking our meals with everything that we or friends have grown.

Here's a recipe we've been enjoying this cozy season:

Copia Eggnog Recipe

(Raw or Heated)

Make the day before your event for maximum flavor!

Serves 7

8 Eggs, Separated (keep both yolks and whites)

1/2 c. Brown Sugar / Honey

3 c. Milk

1.5 c. Heavy Cream (See below about how to make your own RAW CREAM)

1 1/2 c. Bourbon Whiskey

1 tbs. Vanilla

1 Seed of Fresh Nutmeg

1-2 tsp. Sugar

1. Separate eggs into two bowls

2. Add sugar to egg yolks, whisk until light and creamy

3. Add milk and cream, Stir

4. Add whiskey, vanilla, nutmeg, Stir

5. Taste - If too thick, add milk. If not sweet enough, add sugar. If you want it richer, add more cream. Still need something? Add a pinch of salt.

6. Cover and refrigerate both nog and whites until ready to drink

7. When ready to imbibe, whip whites (plus 1-2 tsp. sugar) in blender until soft peaks

8. Serve nog from a chilled bowl and ladle or dispenser.

9. Dress with a dollop of frothy egg whites and fresh nutmeg

10. Keep refilling everyone's glasses to keep family spirits up, ha!


Make by simply by letting your raw milk sit a couple of hours, until you see the cream line.

Be careful when moving the milk out of the fridge so as not to disturb the cream line.

Use a turkey baster to stick into the milk jug and suck out the cream

Only go in with the baster to the top of the liquid - you don't want to accidentally stick down into the milk and disturb the cream line/suck up milk. If you suck up milk, you will dilute the cream. That is not so critical in this recipe, although if you want to take this technique on to make whipped cream, you won't be able to whip the cream if there is milk in your cream!

Tips: When consuming raw dairy, we obviously recommend using local, raw, pasture-raised milk and eggs from your favorite farmers.

You can heat the drink, if you feel more comfortable. Do this at step 3. Heat the milk and cream in a separate sauce pan, gently. Add a tablespoon of heated milk & cream to egg yolk. Sir to incorporate. The trick is to add the milk slowly so that the yolks don't scramble.

Extra Tip! Make a separate virgin batch with less sugar for a nutritious daytime snack. You can use raw milk, raw cream, raw eggs, and raw honey for a super-duper carnivore diet treat.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to you and your family

from the three generations on the farm!

Grandpa McLeod, Grandma Bergman, Dan, Caitlin, Ella, and Baby on Board


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