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Grass Fed + Pasture-Raised CHAFFLE Recipe (super easy)

Chaffles, huh. It sounded like a trendy "diet" food that did not appeal to the nourishing foods I make a point to include in our family's diet. Dry waffles with artifical, "low carb" sweeteners are something I would pass on in favor of real breakfast foods laden with healthful, filling ingredients.

I would much rather eat two meals a day of nourishing foods like eggs, cheese, meat, raw butter & kefir and be fully satisfied for hours, than to eat waffles made of flour and sugar, only to be burning on the quick, flighty, sometimes icky energy of carbohydrates and constantly feeling hungry for more snacks.

Running on protein and fat feels so good! With a calm and well-fed brain, with steady energy pouring through the body for physical and mental labor, animal-based foods are champions at bringing health both to our bodies and earth.

These savory chaffles are amazing for both being nutrient-dense, as well as feeling like a treat. Plus, they're really simple to make, are filling, and both kiddos + adults will love the cheesy, savory, crunchy bite.

I thought you might enjoy making them too!

To make them, you'll need:

A waffle iron - please check that yours is teflon/PFE/PFOA free (which look to be the new, hidden terms for teflon)

1 Egg

2/3 C. Grated Cheese - Cheddar/Goat/whatever you like

2 tbs. Almond Flour

1/4 tsp. Baking powder

Big Pinch of Salt


Turn on waffle maker to get it heating up. You want a hot iron - set it to maximum heat.

Grate 2/3 C. cheese into a bowl. I like to use Snowville Cheddar and Capriole Fresh Chevre Goat Cheese, for a little bite and lots of cheesy flavor.

Add 1 egg to the bowl

Add 2 tbs. almond flour

Add 1/4 tsp. Baking Powder

Add a big pinch of salt

Mix very well to incorporate all ingredients

Add batter to waffle iron, close lid.

Soon, you'll see a lot of steam coming off the waffle iron.

Don't pop the lid until this steam has greatly died down/stopped.

Open the lid to see a nice, golden and yellow chaffle!

Remove from the iron and WAIT a couple of minutes until the chaffle has cooled down. It'll be worth it! You'll be able to taste all of the savory flavors and get a nice crunch on all the golden pieces.

This recipe is for 1 chaffle in a mini waffle iron.

Feel free to mix the ingredient ratios a bit - sometimes I add more egg, less cheese. More goat cheese, less cheddar. It works and is all good!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!


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