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Heartfelt Raw Milk

It's been a long dream to eat truly real food. Food that has some kind of end results - peaceful satiation after eating, positive changes in improved health, radiance, energy, mental calm, and a higher knowing that I am participating in food that has been raised in a healing way.

Each year I try to increase my intake of real food. Real food for me, beyond labels, is measured by the energy I feel inside - good, peaceful, happy, clean, strong, buzzing with effervescence. Am I eating a bunch of food, chomping and chomping with no effect towards being filled, amazed, delighted? Does the food just go in over and over without any charge?

Drinking raw milk, cream, kefir, ice cream, and eating raw butter has catapulted my health and fulfillment drastically. Both satiation via eating and satiation via participating in something very meaningful. I can't believe how strong and fortified I feel drinking raw dairy! I once heard that agriculture centered around the most vital food on the planet. We knew before agriculture that mothers' milk had the power to grow young babies strong. Drinking from the cow, raw dairy, made our growth and energy abound unlike anything else.

I can see now more than ever, the absolute magic of the cow. The cow is the top animal on the planet, in my opinion.

The products of the cow pure magic - How can such a large structured herbivore like the cow eat just grass and seed heads and produce cream, cheese, yogurt? Their bodies themselves produce the other half of the positively charged human diet - delicious, life-giving red meat; crucial organs like liver, brain, thyroid; and bones with which to make glycine-rich broth.

Not only are the cow foods the most healing and life-giving, the work of the cows are the most healing and regenerative on the planet. Cows, when allowed to live their natural lives, roam in big herds from one grassland to the next, eating grass, renovating the land with their stomping hooves, fertilizing with their excrement, horns, fallen bodies. Far from being harmful or overwhelming the planet with emissions; when cows are allowed to live naturally they build soil, sequester carbon, and replenish the land and its people.

Bringing it back to our own herdshare, it's been amazing to see the raw-milk-drinking community that has come together too! We can't wait to see you all in the spring for raw milk tours and to get together in spirit for community.

A last, but most meaningful tidbit that has brought so much joy to our lives is feeding our one-year-old healthy daughter the raw milk. I love seeing her guzzle her favorite foods: breast milk, raw cow's milk, steak, bone broth, and beef liver. Not only are we nourishing her, but also the new baby kicking and kicking inside of me, strong with life.

This is why the route of a cow-based diet is one I am aiming for. It's the heartfelt base of our raw milk herdshare, gratitude towards the sacred cow, and happiness in community spirit we could all use more of these days! Cheers to more milk, kefir, steak and cows!

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