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How to Cook a REAL Breakfast

Here's my technique for a quick, simple, elegant breakfast made of 100% real mobile pasture-raised, clean foods from the farm. This meal would work great for Mother's Day. We eat riffs on this just about every morning and it truly is the best meal of the day that is always special.

Dan and work all morning and we don't eat breakfast until about noon, so it's imperative that I get a good meal out very quickly! Or else my arm might get gnawed on... ;).

So I've gotten breakfast pretty fine-tuned and hope these details help you cook great, filling breakfasts that will last you until dinner time, like they does for us!


Perfectly Scrambled Mobile Pasture-Raised Eggs

Mobile Pasture-Raised Breakfast Patties - (defrost in fridge ahead of time)

Restaurant-Style Organic Artisanal Toast

Raw Milk Kefir 1. Prep your bread. I like to get a loaf of our organic sourdough bread (here on Friday afternoons - but sadly NOT on 5/6! Make note and stock up this Friday). I'll cut the whole loaf into thick slices and freeze it. That way, I can make a couple pieces of delicious fresh toast any time and not feel like we have to eat the whole loaf. The organic sourdough bread stores in the freezer perfectly. Just cut into slices, plop them back in the bag, and straight into the freezer. If you're working with frozen bread slices, arrange them on a cookie sheet and into the oven set to 250 degrees. 2. Get your Breakfast Patties going. Heat a cast iron skillet on the big burner. Get the fire turned up nicely. Hopefully you have defrosted your patties. They always cook up so much nicer if they have been defrosted in the fridge. They will cook quickly and on-time with the rest of the meal if they're defrosted. If you use frozen ones, they take a while and often can get burned. Set your patties in the pan. Don't add any oils. The fat from the patties will render out and lend just enough oil to cook with. Cover with a lid, preferably a glass one, so you can keep checking on them.

3. Get your Eggs going. I have switched to cooking eggs in a ceramic skillet and will never look back. For years, I cooked them in cast iron - don't do this. If you want eggs that come out perfectly, the pan in which you cook them really does most of the work. You can easily make professional bed-in-breakfast-style eggs with the right pan. You will be. making your life hard if you cook eggs in cast iron, stainless steel, etc. I do not recommend, for your health or your loved ones, using aluminum nor anti-stick pans. Set your heavy-use burner to low-med, I like to heat a teaspoon of the organic ghee we sell in the Farmstore, meanwhile, crack your eggs in a bowl, for 6 eggs, add 1/4c. raw milk ample salt, pepper, and Pluck Organ Seasoning whisk till no whites are separated - you want a nice orange mix. It's going to take more whisking than you think, but it creates a gorgeous base for scrambled eggs plop mix in the skillet w/ghee give it a stir or two with a soft spatula to get everything cooking evenly

4. Back to the Toast. Your bread should now be warm and a little crusty on the side up. Remove it from the oven, flip breads so crusty side is down. Slather with butter, and a good sprinkling of the garlic salt we sell. It makes the BEST toast. Turn on the broiler and broil the bread for a minute or two. Set your timer!!! Keep checking and pull it when the bread is a little browned and crunchy. 5. Stir your Eggs. Make sure everything is cooking right - turn the heat down if it's going to quick. You don't want to see the eggs getting color on them from too high heat. Equally, you don't need to be sitting there all day if the eggs aren't cooking up, turn up the heat. It's all about coordinating everything to come out at the same time. 5. Flip your Breakfast Patties. I like to rotate the pan as well, because usually there are hotter spots and I want to make sure everything is cooking evenly. Turn up the heat if you're falling behind on the patties.

6. Stir again & add Cheese. Yum, I will add about 4oz of grated Farmstore cheese to the eggs at this point. 7. Check Toast, Check Patties, Stir Eggs 8. Plate. At this point, you should have your toast out, eggs and patties are ready. Plate everything up. Pour a nice, large glass of your homemade Raw Kefir. We also love to add a few drops of the Josaphine's Feast Siracha Sauce we just started carrying - it's perfect for a little smoky/sweet heat on the eggs. Enjoy!


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