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Our Favorite QUICK Summer Dinner (PLUS My Secret Sauce)!

Our family of four eats just about all of our food, I'm guessing 95%, from the Farm Store. I cook two meals a day at home for everyone, with farming, running a business, fun with the kiddos, and everything else in life in between. I'm sure like you, it doesn't leave time for fancy meals most of the time!

Fortunately, we bring you our clean forest-raised and GMO-free pork chops that are already brined in delicious salts and herbs, and smoked to perfection, for simple and delicious heat-and-serve dinners.

My current meal game plan is to get two weeks worth of meal plans per season. That way, things stay regular, don't get boring, and then a welcomed seasonal change happens every three months.

I try to make an extra special breakfast and dinner once a week. For instance, this weekend, with raw cream and tomato garlic cheese scrambled eggs, breakfast patties and sauerkraut, I want to try blueberry muffins with some organic dried blueberries I found recently (coming to the farm store soon). The riffs for classic and special breakfasts are endless - I love it. I love the way it lights everyone up around the table, and am honored to be able to create yummy, regenerative meals for my family.

Let's get to the meat of the article --

Our smoked pork chops are the absolute best for QUICK dinners!!

... Quick dinners that require no creativity or planning ahead

You can't beat it - you get flavor and finesse for free.

If you made brined and smoked pork chops from scratch, it would take a lot of time and effort. You would have to brine the chops at least a day ahead of the meal, and go through the longer process of cooking the pork chops to perfection too - not over or under cooking - which can be trickier too.

We often talk about how our meals are quicker than what it would take for us to actually get in the car and drive for a meal.

This is the pinnacle of fast food REAL meals. With the extra benefits of:

+ Tasting clean, delicious and coming from meat that was raised clean, with ethos, and benefited our earth

+ Being free of nasty industrial seed oils that are in everything fast food - which contribute to everything from brain drain, clogged arteries & toxic fat

+ Circulating your dollars within small, local, ethical farm and butchery

+ Creating something in your own home kitchen that gives nourishment to you and your family on a deep level

All you have to do with our smoked pork chops is simply heat and serve - wow!! We find smoked chops topped with my secret sauce that goes perfectly with it, a complete and delicious dinner for all ages. I will share my secret sauce recipe with you and only you! It's just as simple as the smoked pork chops.

It is creme fraiche plus sauerkraut (you can mix the two or just top one on top of the other)

We eat sauerkraut every day, so definitely have sourced really tasty ones in the Farm Shop. My favorite is the garlic pickle sauerkraut. Dan's favorite is the Garden Kraut. Maybe even add in a piece of cheese, for the last, satisfying bite of the meal, yum! I'll usually heat the chops on the stovetop, but I also recently double smoked them on the smoker. Smoking the smoked chops is the easiest way to do it! I love smoking meats in the warm months because it doesn't heat the house and requires no supervision - just put them in the smoker, set the probe and remove when heated to my liking. You could do the same to heat and serve via the oven. I usually heat pre-cooked meat to 100 degrees, so that it's nice and hot and I have a couple of minutes to plate everything. These smoked pork chops are a great basis for so many other meals too - Pork Tacos Thinly sliced pork chops (the way you would thinly slice a steak) with various toppings Pork chops with various sides - ravioli & fermented pickle relish (pictured below)

Hope this helps you get a lovely, easy dinner recipe into your routine. Enjoy!


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