Why is raw milk illegal in some states? What are the risks associated with drinking it? How could a simple, straightforward product—like milk from a cow—have become so controversial? Listen to Mark McAfee, the Chairman of the Raw Milk Institute, and the head of the largest raw milk purveyor in the US, Organic Pastures Dairy, expound on the topic with first-hand knowledge, experience, and passion. Mark explains the history of raw milk and pasteurization; he dives into the proteins and beneficial bacteria in raw milk; and he discusses the role raw milk plays in the health of our gut microbiome.

Copia is proud to announce our small, raw milk dairy herd! We are now accepting Herdshare Signups.

HOW IT WORKS: The Herdshare is an easy way to access incredibly beneficial raw milk brimming with nutrients. You simply pay a one-time buy-in and subscribe to a weekly/every other week maintenance fee. PLEASE FILL OUT BOTH (2) FORMS to sign up.


$25 buy-in, This payment makes you part owner of one of our cows, along with 48 other people, ha!


$9/gallon maintenance fee.


Pick up at Copia Farm, open daily 9-7pm.


Call Caitlin's cell at: (614) 915-9269

Drinking Raw Milk ‘Right Out of the Teat’

Helped Colt McCoy

Go 31 Years

Without a Serious Injury

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