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Nutrient Density = Reproductive Health

Lots of friends and family have confessed over the years the difficulties involved with getting pregnant. If you haven't had to deal with these issues directly, you most likely know of couples who have. Check the internet to find that more men are suffering from sterility than ever before, and at least 10% of women are infertile.

Kids and family are two of the greatest joys in life. Our aim is to share the wisdom of a nutrient-dense diet from local, mobile pasture-raised, grass fed, clean foods, so bring on the babies and let successful procreation begin, yehaw!

The aphorism, "Let thy medicine be thy food" has circulated since 400BC for good reason. Although veggies and fruits are currently esteemed as the most "healthy" foods in today's world, it hasn't always been so.

In the past, cultures have had special diets for those preparing to conceive. And these diets were not about fruits and veggies, which consist mostly of water and are not assimilated as easily as vitamins and nutrients that come from animal products. Instead, they were abundant in foods not widely, if ever eaten in today's world such as:

-Organ Meats

Especially liver, from grass-fed animals, especially beef

-RAW Milk and Butter from spring's grassy pastures

-Mineral-Rich Bone Broth from mobile pasture-raised animals and/or Meat on the Bone

(nutrients from bones infuse into the meat)

These foods feed our internal systems and build health, not only for ourselves but our children.

On a very personal note, we can share our own experience. Diet isn't everything, but we do attribute it to our success in this area of life, along with God smiling down on us/good karma. We both have had various health issues with eating just from the health food stores, being hardcore vegan and vegetarian for many years, and trying various health fads.

As I've mentioned before, we've eaten the same breakfast of mobile pasture-raised eggs, butter, and bacon/pork for over 10 years. We usually eat a "cold" lunch of meats, cheeses, a little bit of cultured veggies, and raw milk/raw kefir. For dinner, we often have meat on the bone, and/or cook with bone broth (swapping water for bone broth in dishes), and some raw ice cream for dessert. We didn't grow up eating organ meats, so instead rely on homemade/store-bought supplements of grass-fed beef liver, heart, brain, pancreas, lung, and kidney. (Not saying there isn't chocolate, peanut butter, and whiskey and Prosecco sprinkled in there, in times of stress, but that's for another post, ha!).

The result has been that we have never been healthier in our lives. We decided to have kids later in life so that we could establish Copia. So at ages 37 & 38, and 46 & 47, we conceived both kids on the first try. I had very easy pregnancies where I did farm work until I gave birth. Each of our children were born at home in 8hrs and 4hrs. Both kids were birthed by me and Dan because they came so quickly!

Another reason why we attribute our success to our nutrient-dense diet is that both kids are, tap wood, very healthy. Their facial bone structure tells a story of their health.

Have you heard of Weston A. Price? He was a dentist from Cleveland, OH, who in the 1920's went on a worldwide search for answers about teeth. He wanted to know whether other cultures had the same oral problems we did, like cavities and crooked teeth. He found that various cultures who had not yet started eating white flour and sugar, who were eating traditional diets, their teeth, although they didn't brush their teeth, had no cavities. The bone structure of their faces were wider than ours, their noses were wider, and therefore they did not get crooked teeth. He attributed their nutrient-dense diets to their wide facial and teeth structure and lack of tooth decay, the need for glasses, and other health issues of the western world/SAD diet.

Baby Ella and her broad face and jaw. Mom was on a nutrient-dense diet while she was en utero, all she's ever eaten is breast milk, raw milk, homemade formula made mostly of bone broth and liver.

Look at her mom (me). Raised on a diet lacking in nutrients. Her nutrient-dense diet later in life gives her tons of energy and healthy babies, but sadly hasn't reverted her narrow facial bone structure.

Food for thought!


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