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Raw Milk Ice Cream Recipe - AT LAST!!!

Have you ever tried raw milk ice cream? It tastes "the way ice cream used to taste".

It's the best kind of food - it tastes really good, plus you get all of the nutrient benefits of raw milk, raw cream, and raw eggs.

I never could find a good recipe for ice cream in the raw. But I recently cracked the code by making a couple of tweaks to popular internet recipes.

The result? It's sweet, but not too sweet; rich, but not heavy... and when you savor it on in your mouth, you can definitely tell that the ingredients raise this ice cream to a new level.

So far, I've been sticking to vanilla. But once our strawberries start ripening in June, I can't wait to make strawberry shortcake! I might try a mango lassi style raw ice cream with dried mangoes, lime juice, and honey. What about making a blueberry-lavender flavor?

With this raw ice cream recipe, you can use it as is or create your own flavors: add any other fresh, dried, or candied fruits; finely chopped mint, lemon balm, or other herbs; nuts broiled and coated in butter & maple syrup; the possibilities are endless.

May is the perfect time of year to start stocking up on making ice cream. Your raw milk herd share is brimming with milk from all the spring baby cows being born. Help your farmers utilize the overflowing milk and support your herd by stocking up on dairy products! Our jerseys are wonderful mamas who keep there babies well-fed and healthy. They, amazing and sacred beings that they are produce lots of extra milk when their babies are young in spring.

Signing up to join a herdshare is the way to access milk in it's raw form with all of the health benefits. Make your year's with of butter, ice cream, and other yummy treats in season. The cows are eating so much fresh, green grass on the pastures. They are comfortable, peaceful, and gracefully come in for milking. What more beautiful, healthful food is there above the milk from happy cows? Enjoy!

Raw Ice Cream Recipe

make sure your ingredients are the best, for nutrient-density and safety

adapted from here

2/3 c. Organic Sugar

1 c. Raw Milk

2 c. Raw Cream

6 Mobile Pasture-Raised Egg Yolks

Big pinch of Celtic Gray Salt

Splash of (homemade) Vanilla Extract

Frozen ice cream maker bowl

  1. Put sugar in a heavy bottomed pot, turn on heat to medium

  2. Stir sugar until it starts melting

  3. Let cool 2 min.

  4. Add raw milk, stir till disolved

5. Strain out remaining sugar bits

6. Add to sugar/milk: cream, egg yolks, salt & vanilla. Add any other flavor ingredients -optional

7. Whisk

8. Set up your ice cream maker, with frozen bowl. Make sure stirer and lid are on. Pour in ice cream base.

NOTE: Never wash your ice cream maker bowl in hot water or store in in hot storage location. Both will ruin the bowl and prevent it from setting up your frozen ice cream.

I have done both and have sadly had to rack my brain over what the world I'm doing wrong with making ice cream, and have then had to repurchase ice cream makers. Boo hoo

9. Run for about 20 min or until set up.

10. Eat/Store in freezer. I like to use glass Tupperware storage. They stack nicely, and are big enough to run an ice cream scoop, for nice serving presentation.


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