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The Best Gift is Good Food

I love cooking special dishes for every holiday, and for as many other every day occasions as possible, i.e. Sunday mornings, Friday evenings, etc. It's an excuse to mix things up, and make every day special. Maybe even find a recipe you find special enough to keep making as is or tweaking it to perfection. Yes, it creates work for yourself, but this kind of work leads to enjoyment and relaxation. It's the best feeling when the meal is enjoyed and everyone and raves about the food.

It's quaint to cook well. I aspire to have a little something up my sleeve I can pull of for any meal - hors d'oeuvres, mains, salads, drinks, and desserts. What fun and a lifelong practical hobby, where everyone benefits from your work.

In my book, farming/life is complex; it's all about enjoying simple pleasures. What meaning there is in creating, feeding, enjoying good food and drink with your most loved family and friends.

As a critical side note: For family holiday functions, I suggest making a compulsory adult drink of some kind for all to enjoy and grease the wheels for family fun. Ha!

So I've been searching for some new Mother's Day dinner ideas. I would love to create the perfect spring meal - light, delicious, airy, and memorable... with a great salad and definitely a mimosa. However, I realized today how busy the upcoming days will be with getting new spring chickens, taking care of our newborn and 1-yr-old, milking twice daily, normal farm and business chores, and taking care of the family with regular cooking and cleaning. Sadly, I'll have to sit this holiday out in terms of all new recipes, but I thought I'd share it with you! Perhaps you'll be inspired to create a special meal for your mother or someone special. I will be making a simple meal with lots of ingredients from the farm. Check it out!

All looks delicious, no? Equally delicious, here's a simple, heart-felt breakfast, for busy folk out there!

Copia Maple Links, Bacon, & Breakfast Sliders

Whether you go new and complex or high-quality and simple, may you enjoy all of your cooking endeavors! May your ingredients support true food, that builds the land, raised with love.


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