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Ancestral Nachos w/Tallow, Liver & Heart

Made entirely with CLEAN ingredients we stock at the farm store, here's a yummy, super quick meal to cook. We made it last night.

We were out and about on the farm, enjoying a glorious sunny, spring-feeling day. It was getting dark (we usually eat very early and cut all snacking off after early dinner, so that we can fast until the next day, for a good 15-20 hrs), and we were hungry and wanted to eat as soon as we got back inside our cozy cottage.

We hadn't eaten nachos in years and years, but it all came to me like lightening - What's quick? What do we have at the store? What's something novel?

Our new BEEF TALLOW, ORGANIC CORN CHIPS!! (zero bad oils)


If you're worried about cooking beef with organs in it, I want to let you know that you can barely detect it! So much so that our 1 and 3 yr olds even eat it. I make sure to heavily season the meat with the taco blend we carry. It's not hot spicy, just flavorful. Make sure to salt it well too. Bonus points for cooking it in a bit of bacon grease left over from breakfast. Nobody will even think there are little heart bits in their nachos, muah ha ha!

And the chips are the BOMB! You know how you never eat chips because they're full of carbs and you can eat a ton of them without feeling full at all? These chips, made with beef fat (which is a very healthy fat to use in high temperature cooking, such as making chips. It does not contribute to inflammation nor pernicious weight

Nacho time it is!

This all came together in 20 minutes flat, even when cooking frozen ground beef. It would be at least 5 minutes quicker with thawed meat.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Cook frozen or thawed Ground Ancestral Beef

  2. Add generous salt, and taco seasoning blend (also at the Farm Store).

  3. Shred Cheese - We used the Tomato Garlic Organic cheese at the Farm Store

  4. Cut Olives into very thin slices

  5. Plate!


1. Masa Beef Tallow Chips

2. Ancestral Ground Beef with Liver & Heart

3. Shredded Tomato Garlic Cheese

4. (It would have been nice to add my Bacon & Bone Broth Sprouted Refried Beans

5. Sliced Olives

6. Creme Fraiche (w/salt sprinkled on top)

7. Salsa


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